Sunday, 28 November 2010

A Royal Wedding!

British people are happy

Look at this photo – who are they?

  • This is Prince William.
  • His grandmother is the Queen.
  • His father is Prince Charles – the next King of England.
  • His brother is Prince Harry.

And this is his girlfriend. Her name is Kate Middleton. Next year there is a big wedding. Millions of people watch the wedding. You can buy ‘William and Kate’ cups, T-shirts, and books.

British people are very happy. “It’s a great day for Britain,” says David, 12.

Are you happy about this wedding?

Does your country have a royal family?

You are going to the wedding. What do you buy for William and Kate? Why?

X-mas Time

This is the Christmas carol that our 6th grade students are going to sing this year.
Do you like it?

Lyrics | Bubbles - X-Mas Time lyrics

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Silly Bandz

Silly Bandz are new! But what are they?

Silly Bandz come from America. You wear them on your arm, like bracelets.

There are different colours and different types of Silly Bandz: There are superheroes, with Spider Man, Wolverine and Iron Man. There are Halloween bands, with ghosts, witches and bats. You can also buy Justin Bieber bands!

Children and teenagers love them. “Silly Bandz are great to collect, or swap with your friends,” says Vicki, 13, from Toledo, Ohio. And famous people wear them too. Mary-Kate Olsen and the model, Agyness Deyn have Silly Bandz.

Why are they popular? “They’re fun and they’re cheap,” says Jo Sawkins, from British magazine, Sugar. But some teachers don’t like them: “My students play with the bands and don’t listen in class!” says one teacher.

What do you think about Silly Bandz? Do you like them?

Have you got Silly Bandz?
Have your friends got Silly Bandz?
What do you collect?

Monday, 8 November 2010

It's Bonfire Night

November the 5th is Bonfire Night in Britain. There are many bonfire parties. People watch fireworks and light fires!

Bonfire Night is fun, but it can be dangerous – that’s why it’s an important night for the fire fighters. They stop many dangerous fires.

But the fire fighters in London are not working on Bonfire Night. They are on strike. Why? The fire fighters must work new hours. Some fire fighters think that they will not have a job.

People aren’t happy. “We are not safe,” they say. The British Government isn’t happy. “It’s dangerous,” says Prime Minister David Cameron.

Would you like to be a fire fighter? Why?

Song "Where's the bird?"

Listen to the 3rd grade students singing the song "Where's the bird?"

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Where are the animals?

Our 3rd grade students have explained where the animals are in the living room.
Do you like them?

Halloween witches

These are some witches that our 3rd grade students completed for Halloween.
What do you think about them?