Sunday, 28 November 2010

A Royal Wedding!

British people are happy

Look at this photo – who are they?

  • This is Prince William.
  • His grandmother is the Queen.
  • His father is Prince Charles – the next King of England.
  • His brother is Prince Harry.

And this is his girlfriend. Her name is Kate Middleton. Next year there is a big wedding. Millions of people watch the wedding. You can buy ‘William and Kate’ cups, T-shirts, and books.

British people are very happy. “It’s a great day for Britain,” says David, 12.

Are you happy about this wedding?

Does your country have a royal family?

You are going to the wedding. What do you buy for William and Kate? Why?

X-mas Time

This is the Christmas carol that our 6th grade students are going to sing this year.
Do you like it?

Lyrics | Bubbles - X-Mas Time lyrics