Saturday, 19 November 2011

“No poppies” for football

What is this red flower?

It is a poppy.
Every November, British people wear red poppies. It is to remember soldiers. Many soldiers die in wars.
Steve’s granddad was in the Second World War. Steve wears a poppy to remember.
Harriet’s friend is in Afghanistan. She wears a poppy for her friend.

The England football team wants to wear poppies for a game. They want to wear a poppy on their shirts. But Fifa makes the rules for football – and Fifa says, “No poppies!” Why? Because no team can put extra things onto their football shirts.

Many people are angry. The Prime Minister is angry. Prince William is angry. George is 86. He was in the Second World War. He says, “It’s so sad”.

Kimberley, 8, says “I think poppies are good because it remembers the people who die in war.” But Phoenix, 9, says “Poppies are bad because it isn’t fair on other teams. I agree with Fifa.”

Now Fifa says the England team can have poppies – on their armbands.

Do you have a special day for soldiers in your country?

Is it a good idea that the England team wear poppies? Why / why not?