Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween interactive book

This is an interactive book about Halloween.
Here, you can listen, read and play with vocabulary about Halloween.

How to make a Jack o lantern

This video explains how to make a Jack o lantern for Halloween.
You can make one at your home.

Crazy weather

England is hot!

What season is October? Spring, summer, autumn or winter?

In England, October is in autumn. It is rainy and cold.

But this year, it’s hot and sunny – it’s 29 degrees in London.

English people love hot weather. “It’s summer! I’m going to the park to eat an ice- cream!” says Jake, 12.

“It’s too hot to work!” says Matt.

Plants and animals in England do not understand the hot weather. The plants have flowers and the animals don’t go to sleep. They think it is spring, not autumn!

What is the weather like in your country today?

What is your favourite season? Why?